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All Guilds Meeting - July 2015

Portrait de Doobes

Greetings to all as everyone enjoys their summer.  July's All Guilds Meeting brought news of fun upcoming events and exciting projects!

If you couldn't make it, we have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs for you to read, as well as a handy summary:

The Fabulous Magical Treasure

Boywhith came up in place of Mister Magic to mention that the Fabulous Magical Treasure marker quest, which currently has an English and French version, will soon also have a German translation.  Boywhith himself is also working on the Dutch translation.  They are looking for translators for other languages as well.  You can read more about the game in the corresponding forum thread.

Quern - Undying Thoughts

A very Myst-like game, Quern, is in the last week of its Kickstarter fundraising.  They are just under $4,000 from their goal, so be sure to check out their website, then, if you like what you see, you can donate on their Kickstarter page.

Heritage Night

Doobes stepped in for Jamie Marchant to mention that the next Heritage Night will be held near the end of the month.  For more details, see the news post on our site!

Radio Free D'ni

AlanD made a quick mention about Radio Free D'ni's next concert.  For more details, see the news post on our site!

History of the Beatles

There will also be a concert on Wednesday, July 15th at 16:00 KI time in Ae'gura.  More details to follow!

Guild of Writers

Hoikas finished up the meeting with lots of GoW business.  Their site is now utilizing HTTPS for extra security.  He encouraged other sites to do so using for free.

A release of Gehn 22 is also imminent and should be ready for release before the end of the month.  They will also be releasing updates to internal clients as well as to the 3DS Max plugins for versions 7 and 2012.

Arguably, the biggest news was the first release of Korman, a brand new Age-building plugin for Blender!  Designed to be much more user-friendly than PyPRP, it's already come a long way in implementing everything an Age needs.  There's still a few things that need to be added, but development is ongoing, so expect many more features in the near future!

To get familiar with Korman, you can follow the installation and getting started wiki tutorials.

You can also discuss Korman in the associated GoW forum thread.


The CAVCON finished at 2.7 for the month of May and was sitting at 2.1 as of June 8th.  Be sure to donate what you can to keep the lights on in the cavern!


The next All Guilds Meeting will be on August 1st at 13:00 KI time in preparation for Mysterium the following weekend!

Until next time!

Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

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